Embedded Products

KENT Intelligent Transportation Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing, assembling and supply of various hardware equipments such as AVC, TLC, OHLS and UFD etc. used at the toll plaza. The motive behind production of these equipments is to minimize the dependency on the OEMs i.e. Original Equipment Manufacturer as these equipments have great importance in a Toll Collection System. This powers us to implement the projects faster and also ensures a flawless support for entire Toll Collection System as well.

As KENT has its own separate and fully equipped Manufacturing Unit, Research & Development activities carried out for the embedded technology help our clients to have minimum downtime of the Toll Collection System. Further these equipments are integrated with the Toll Collection Software i.e. these hardware equipments are controlled centrally by the software used for the toll collection. This will facilitate the minimal power consumption at the plaza and greater control over the equipments used.

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