Toll Automation

Toll Xplore is adaptive, customizable and scalable to suit the needs of the customers considering local requirements. It is a robust system, which offers most stable system for ease of operation and maintenance.

Toll Xplore is an outcome of our more than decade experience on Toll Revenue Collection. Our exposure to many projects across India and deep understanding of needs of stakeholders like Operation Managers, booth Collectors and IT Managers have enabled us to make this versatile product.

Special Features:

  • Conforms to Government Authorities like NHAI, State Road Development Corporations, and State Public Works Departments and other Revenue Collection Guidelines.
  • Robust multiple lane access control system with high accuracy of vehicle detection and classification.
  • Handles high volume of Traffic.
  • Enabled for multiple mode of payment i.e cash and cashless (Prepaid, Postpaid and exemption).
  • Works on multiple access instruments like Smart Card, Bar code and Electronic Tag.
  • Designed for multiple types journeys e.g. single entry, multiple entry.
  • Well defined process for Lane, Plaza and Management Control.
  • Configurable for single and multi plaza environment with centralized and distributed access and control based on roles and responsibility.
  • Monitors the entire toll collection activities on real-time basis.
  • Lanes can work offline incase of disruption of communication link and data can be exported on restoration of communication link. This ensures smooth traffic flow and optimizes revenue collection under such critical circumstances.
  • Exhaustive Management Information System.
  • Integrated with License Plate Reader (LPR) and Weigh-in-Motion system.(Optional)
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